5 in 1 LED Skin Tightening Device


Say Goodbye to Fine Lines and Wrinkles!

Gone are the days of covering up blemishes, age spots, fine lines, and acne scars! Uncover your skin’s true beauty with the 5 in 1 Facial Skin Tightening Devicea microdermabrasion machine.

Derma-light Professional Handheld Anti Aging Device – VANVLE

This is a revolutionary tool that combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation to reduce the appearance of blemishes, blackheads, and imperfections.

It's a new skincare device that uses radio-frequency waves and light photon energy to promote muscle stimulation within the skin to create visible radiance and youthful-looking skin. It promotes skin rejuvenation of collagen and hyaluronic acid by conducting muscle stimulation, misoperation, and electroporation.

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Doctors have found that the skin responds in positive ways to specific light and heat sources. The anti-aging and skin brightening technology harnesses this power to improve your skin! Carefully calibrated light frequencies are blended and delivered in a precise manner to revive skin cells. The result is the refreshed, youthful appearance of your younger years – whether that’s tightening loose, slack spots or brightening your whole complexion!



✔ EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) – Uses low-level electrical currents to stimulate collagen production. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing circulation and improving skin elasticity.

✔ Electroporation – Opens the pores to allow collagen and hyaluronic acid serum deeper into the skin. This allows for efficient skin absorption and optimizes the effects of all your skin-care products. The results are instantly visible: you’ll see more elasticity and refreshment, as well as improved skin hydration.

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✔ Mesoporation – Applies pulses of alternating currents which open temporary channels in the lipid layer between the epidermis and dermis. This allows the cleansing and passing of active ingredients towards the living layers of the skin. It also helps improve problems including sagging skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne. In addition to deep cleansing of the epidermis, this treatment leads to better hydration, muscle tone, blood circulation, and overall skin tone.

✔ RF (Radio Frequency) – Radiofrequency stimulates the user’s own collagen production— naturally! You’ll get an immediate tightening of the collagen fibers. And you’ll also notice a long-lasting lift and increased volume, which helps with the youthful rejuvenation process.

✔ Light Therapy – Works by emitting specialized wavelengths of LED color lights onto the skin at varying levels. This photon energy is transferred to the cells. Cells convert this energy into ATP—a natural cellular fuel. The added ATP boosts cellular activity and stimulates the body’s natural rejuvenation. Each light color option has a different therapeutic effect that targets a different skin issue. Using the wand regularly will increase the effectiveness of each treatment, and you’ll notice healthier skin and an overall improved complexion.

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BLUE – kills bacteria, promotes blood circulation, removes acne.

GREEN dilutes pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and improves overall skin color.

RED – accelerates blood circulation and stimulates skin cell renewal.

YELLOW – stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, restores the balance of sensitive skin.

PINK – whitens the skin.

FLASHING PINK – enhances the absorption of the skincare products.



It's suitable for all skin types, whether dry or oily. 100% safe to use on sensitive skin.

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Best of all, you can use the 5 in 1 Facial Skin Tightening Device easily and conveniently at home. No need for expensive lasers, surgeries or treatments! And no pain, skin damage and long recovery periods. Just light up the Nourish Belle™ and revive your skin with light!


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